Around the summer Solstice in June KGB productions spent 8 days shooting for multiple clients and two upcoming KGB projects.  We shot  with the RED Epic and an RC helicopter (octachopper), courtesy of Elevated Productions along with a few Cannon 5D markiii for timelapses, still photos and behind the scenes shots.. Our locations were within 90 miles of our home base in Jackson, WY. For eight days in a row we shot tirelessly and saw every sunrise and sunset that week, which was nice. REDbts-1

Our  diverse clients included Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Pines, The Clear Creek Group, Ibis Cycles and two clients we cannot disclose currently (NDA's and legal stuff). The shoot pushed us physically and mentally but we were able to move fast and effectively with a crew size of 2-4 people. Besides the octachopper we were shooting from planes, horses,4 wheelers, and a tram. The shoot took us from luxury resorts and estates to  golf courses to river surfing, downhill mountain biking, fly fishing, to top of a mountain (10,000ft+), to nature and wildlife shots in Grand Teton National Park, along with a few ranches and dirt roads. We got to shoot with beautiful women, old men, top caliber athletes, a bloodhound and a 1972 Pantera sports car.


Everyday presented its challenges and rewards. This was the first time Nick had flown the RED Epic on his octochopper. It seemed to work seamlessly although we were always battling with wind. We got lucky with completely still winds at sunrise at 10,450ft at the top of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. We gave a pine tree a little haircut while shooting mountain biking on Teton Pass and had a close call with a fly fishing line and the heli on the Gros Ventre River. We were able to capture amazing wildlife in Grand Teton Park from just off the road and got within 50ft or so of a huge moose and a heard of buffalo. Our intern Bud was responsible for protecting the camera gear if we got charged,  but with my wildlife whispering skills that never happened.  The  flight from Teton Aviation provided unique aerial perspectives of the Tetons and Jackson Hole. A special thank you to all that were involved in this shoot.