This August KGB Productions got the call to shoot the making of / the behind the scenes video for James Blunt's first single  "Bonfire Hearts" off his new album Moon Landing. KGB Productions DP/ Director Chris Kitchen shot the video over a course of two, fifteen hour days. The first day we met up in Teton Village, WY, and we packed into the cinema truck and drove to Dubios, WY and back while filming James and his biker crew. This is an hour and a half plus drive over Togwotee Pass which allows for wonderful ,mountain views. Once in Dubios we met up witha variety of  locals and shot the video of James and them interacting. I need to re-iterate the point here that nobody in the video are actor or actress's just local people that the producer  William Taylor of Cineaste Films  found while scouting the area's days before.imageimage_5image_3photo With out a doubt James is a great, honest, sincere and all around nice guy. He was genuinely interested in everybody he interacted with and always was smiling. He also rode a motorcycle hundreds of miles in those two days. Day two of the shoot he rode over Teton Pass a curvy 10% mountain pass where we filmed most of the day in Victor and Driggs, Idaho and the world famous old school SPUD drive in theatre.

The video finale took place at my personal favorite bar in the area, The Stagecoach bar in, Wilson, WY. The wedding being there was a major coincidence and not part of the original plan for the shoot. It was the real wedding of Tim Farris of the local jackson  band One Ton Pig. The symbiosis of the two events was incredible and was the perfect end to a sincere and honest shoot. Special Thanks to Trey at Chace Images for getting me the job and he shot the "B" camera, the Red Epic. Principal Camera was the Arri Alexa and the BTS camera was the Canon 5D Mark iii. Directed by: DP:

The official Video image_6image_1image_4photo