The making of - James Blunt "Bonfire Hearts" Music Video

This August KGB Productions got the call to shoot the making of / the behind the scenes video for James Blunt's first single  "Bonfire Hearts" off his new album Moon Landing. KGB Productions DP/ Director Chris Kitchen shot the video over a course of two, fifteen hour days. The first day we met up in Teton Village, WY, and we packed into the cinema truck and drove to Dubios, WY and back while filming James and his biker crew. This is an hour and a half plus drive over Togwotee Pass which allows for wonderful ,mountain views. Once in Dubios we met up witha variety of  locals and shot the video of James and them interacting. I need to re-iterate the point here that nobody in the video are actor or actress's just local people that the producer  William Taylor of Cineaste Films  found while scouting the area's days before.imageimage_5image_3photo With out a doubt James is a great, honest, sincere and all around nice guy. He was genuinely interested in everybody he interacted with and always was smiling. He also rode a motorcycle hundreds of miles in those two days. Day two of the shoot he rode over Teton Pass a curvy 10% mountain pass where we filmed most of the day in Victor and Driggs, Idaho and the world famous old school SPUD drive in theatre.

The video finale took place at my personal favorite bar in the area, The Stagecoach bar in, Wilson, WY. The wedding being there was a major coincidence and not part of the original plan for the shoot. It was the real wedding of Tim Farris of the local jackson  band One Ton Pig. The symbiosis of the two events was incredible and was the perfect end to a sincere and honest shoot. Special Thanks to Trey at Chace Images for getting me the job and he shot the "B" camera, the Red Epic. Principal Camera was the Arri Alexa and the BTS camera was the Canon 5D Mark iii. Directed by: DP:

The official Video image_6image_1image_4photo


One Week Shooting with KGB Productions

Around the summer Solstice in June KGB productions spent 8 days shooting for multiple clients and two upcoming KGB projects.  We shot  with the RED Epic and an RC helicopter (octachopper), courtesy of Elevated Productions along with a few Cannon 5D markiii for timelapses, still photos and behind the scenes shots.. Our locations were within 90 miles of our home base in Jackson, WY. For eight days in a row we shot tirelessly and saw every sunrise and sunset that week, which was nice. REDbts-1

Our  diverse clients included Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Pines, The Clear Creek Group, Ibis Cycles and two clients we cannot disclose currently (NDA's and legal stuff). The shoot pushed us physically and mentally but we were able to move fast and effectively with a crew size of 2-4 people. Besides the octachopper we were shooting from planes, horses,4 wheelers, and a tram. The shoot took us from luxury resorts and estates to  golf courses to river surfing, downhill mountain biking, fly fishing, to top of a mountain (10,000ft+), to nature and wildlife shots in Grand Teton National Park, along with a few ranches and dirt roads. We got to shoot with beautiful women, old men, top caliber athletes, a bloodhound and a 1972 Pantera sports car.


Everyday presented its challenges and rewards. This was the first time Nick had flown the RED Epic on his octochopper. It seemed to work seamlessly although we were always battling with wind. We got lucky with completely still winds at sunrise at 10,450ft at the top of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. We gave a pine tree a little haircut while shooting mountain biking on Teton Pass and had a close call with a fly fishing line and the heli on the Gros Ventre River. We were able to capture amazing wildlife in Grand Teton Park from just off the road and got within 50ft or so of a huge moose and a heard of buffalo. Our intern Bud was responsible for protecting the camera gear if we got charged,  but with my wildlife whispering skills that never happened.  The  flight from Teton Aviation provided unique aerial perspectives of the Tetons and Jackson Hole. A special thank you to all that were involved in this shoot.



Behind The Scenes with KGB - Jackson Hole Mountain Biking

Here is a look into what went into creating our Jackson Hole Mountain Biking Park edit. Last summer we spent several days setting up and playing with the Dactyl Cam motorized cable camera system and OnLocationAerials's RC heli. The unique angles these rigs provided was incredible and we got to sandbag an intern in the process too. Video production  took place over four days in early June and we had semi pro riders from Ibis, Rocky Mountain and Kona. As always our boy Andrew Whiteford and Rob Lapier crushed it.

Jackson Hole Mountain Biking Video:


Behind the Scenes of the Jackson Hole Bike Park Video by KGB Productions from KGB Productions on Vimeo.

Jackson Hole Mountain Biking

Jackson Hole Location Scouting (Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Park)

In the greater Yellowstone and Jackson Hole area, no production company is more experienced or more qualified to handle the complex logistics, unique to this one-of-a-kind region. In addition, we can help with logistics for any conventional or non-conventional shoot, anywhere in the world. We have  15 years of experience in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. We can find the location you need for any shoot  and any budget large or small. We do location scouting and management and production for both video / motion and still / photography shoot. We can provide all the production management, production services and production staff that you need for the shoot. We are capable of Video, High definition, 4k, film and digital video production. We rent and source grip equipment locally and regionally, for both stills and motion. Jackson Hole, Yellowstone / Grand Teton and the Rocky mountain west offer a variety of locations from high end houses and resorts to  rustic cabins and ranches of a broad spectrum. There are remote mountains, lakes, deserts, meadows, grasslands, wildlife and old west frontier locations. KGB productions has working relationships with many public and private entities and locations and an extensive photo library of locations. We can easily secure locations and film permits for National Forest land, Bureau of Land Management, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming state Parks and many private resorts and ranches.

Our experience includes location scouting, location managing and production coordinating, for diverse clients. We have worked extensively in everything from major commercial brands, to  fashion, to action sports and broadcast television.

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Jackson Hole Video Production

Jackson Hole Video Production KGB Productions is a Jackson Hole video production company who specializes in commercial production, production management and location scouting. We have over 10 years experience producing and directing commercials, films, and other video content in the Wyoming and great Yellowstone area. KGB is most comfortable in locations that other production companies wouldn’t go anywhere near: remote mountain ranges, rivers, deserts and other harsh environments.

In the past ten years KGB Productions has produced four award winning feature films and commercial content for a diverse clientele. We  have grown into a small, dedicated team of passionate and creative individuals with diverse backgrounds and the skills and desire to tackle any project. The natural world is our constant source for inspiration and we are grateful that our job has allowed us to travel to some of the most beautiful places imaginable.

Jackson Hole Client Testimonials

“…no one can produce the quality content, within the timeframe that they do and as a result, our videos receive far more views than any other resort in the country. And I say this knowing the film industry well, we have contracts with Brain Farm and Teton Gravity Research.” - Zahan Billimoria; Communications Manager, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“I’ve been in the outdoor, action sports and public relations industry for more than ten years and worked with numerous production teams during this time. KGB works closely with the client in a manner that fosters creativity, to produce the best product possible and in my eyes, KGB sits on top. ” - Keith Cozzens; Senior Account Executive, Verde PR & Consulting - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“Wyoming was unchartered territory for us. KGB made us feel at ease and well taken care of. Anything we needed, any shot setup, beautiful locations, they were able to get us there…Not to mention the wildlife they seemed to have on standby! It was one of my best experiences on location and if I could could shoot all my campaigns in Jackson, with KGB, I would. ” - Erica Canales; Producer, Sum Creative (agency representing Miss Me Jeans)

Jackson Hole Location Scouting:

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